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July 27, 2021

As I write this I am 37 weeks pregnant and very ready for this little one to make his arrival.

The hope is that baby Eli won’t make us wait too much longer because we are so ready to see his sweet face. Also, momma is starting to get wore out and these last trimester pregnancy symptoms are getting rough.

His big brother Grayson is excited and talks to my belly regularly. He loves his baby brother. I hope he still feels that way when the poopy diapers and crying starts.


Last Trimester Hospital Visit

About a week ago we ended up in the hospital with contractions and uterine pain. I started dilating and we thought it might be time for little man, but that wasn’t the case. We spent an entire night in the hospital with contractions only for them to stop and we got sent home with me having orders to rest. I will say it is hard to find time for rest with a little one. Now we are playing the waiting game, because it turns out that when you think you are in labor it only makes you that much more impatient to be holding the new little one.

As we head into the last few weeks of this pregnancy prayers are much appreciated. And please know that I will introduce you all to this little one as soon as possible after his arrival.


Photos taken by my sister Lynn and edited by me. 
barton maternity-10.jpg
barton maternity-28.jpg
barton maternity-22.jpg
barton maternity-20.jpg
barton maternity-72.jpg
barton maternity-57.jpg
barton maternity-71.jpg
barton maternity-11.jpg
barton maternity-75.jpg
barton maternity-21.jpg
barton maternity-39.jpg

And one of this handsome fellow because he makes pretty babies.
barton maternity-2.jpg

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