Hi! I'm Jamie.
Just a Bible loving, coffee-drinking, trail-climbing, view-seeking, fall-fanatic who loves celebrating with couples on their big day!
As a WIFE and MOM of two, I have super fans who push me the whole way. My three year old son, GRAYSON, and my husband, CODY. For now, ELI (my youngest) just sort of hangs out with us. Grayson even had to have HIS OWN CAMERA because he loves taking pictures just like mommy. One day, mommy will teach him everything she knows. 


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Thanks to the people who believe in me, including my wonderful clients, my passion has become something amazing.
I am a professional photographer who adores the look on my client's faces when they see their images... GOALS!
I pick up my camera and strive to create epic and emotional images that tell a story of playfulness and intimacy for my couples.

Your life and your moments, are beautiful. Let's create images you can show off for the rest of your life!


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What can I say? These little ones of mine absolutely melt my heart. Grayson is helpful and kind like his daddy. He is just the right amount of stubborn (we can't agree on where that comes from). Grayson is the best big brother! He loves Elijah so much, and Elijah is fascinated with him.  Eli is a cuddler and is currently super curious about everything around him. 

My little Ones

Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up, a mood changer, or a good snack... chocolate is all of those things. For as long as I can remember I have been a chocolate lover, and that is one thing that Grayson definitely took after his momma on. 

Anything Chocolate

The Barton Family first home was something special. It was the home where we decorated our first nursery, spent our newly-wed time together, brought home our first baby, had great neighbors, and enjoyed so many precious memories together. We may move on to the next home, but this one was our first. 

Our old home

This may sound so cliche, but I am so blessed to call this family mine. I have a husband (Cody) who loves me and can't tell me no, and who works so very hard to take care of his family. Then there is Grayson and Elijah who have my heart. I get to be so many things for these little ones, but my favorite thing is booboo kisser. Mommy has the magic cure for booboos. 

My little family

There are so many great things about vacations. Exploring new places is amazing, plus with the wonder in my child's eyes it's that much better. Vacations are a time to enjoy this perfect little family of mine. Time together just making memories. Relaxation and no stress?! Send me away with this family of mine any time. 


The faith I have is priceless. It is my shining possession. Without faith I would not be here. Through struggles and triumphs, please keep me close to the Lord. For then I know that no matter the outcome I will be well cared for. I have only learned this lesson more as I have grown. Faith. Is. Priceless. 

My Faith


they have my

It all began with a smile.

A short while into my photography journey I helped another photographer by 2nd shooting a wedding for them. This was my first time behind the camera at a wedding. When the moment came and the couple saw each other for the first time, there was something ignited in me. 

I had loved creating images for a while, but it was this moment of intimacy beautifully captured that convinced me that I was right where I belonged, and so it began. Capturing this epic tale for couples to cherish is an honor.

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