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March 21, 2023

As a Charlotte wedding photographer I’ve been to countless weddings, and seen some incredible moments. Through teary eyed first looks, emotional vows, and precious moments spent with family. Weddings are always a time when families are brought together, memories are created, and legacies captured. When wedding planning, consider your top three must haves on your big day, is a first look one of those things? If you’re not sure, let’s figure it out together!

Is a First Look For You?

First looks are something that I truly believe every couple can enjoy. Not only is it a super romantic and intimate moment between the two of you, but it’s a quiet moment before the craziness of your day. On your wedding day there is so much stress and chaos, a few moments of peace with your person are worth it. Seeing your sweetheart for the first time before the ceremony, is such a special moment to share together. And if you aren’t convinced yet, here are a few things to consider when deciding on a first look.

An Intimate Moment

One of my favorite moments is right after the first look. The initial excitement dies down a bit and a feeling of intimacy and gratitude drapes over the bride and groom. The love you have for each other becomes even more real than before, and the commitment you’re about to make becomes all the more real. If you want to stick with tradition and not see your fianc√© before walking down the aisle, consider a first look with your wedding party or a parent. Not only does it allow for the same excitement, but it’s a great way to honor tradition.

There is nothing more special than having a first look with your parents, or grandparents. The emotion that is felt when the people that raised you see you moments before your life changes, it’s beautiful. If you’re on the fence about a first look with your partner – consider a first look with your mom and dad, or even your grandparents.

Express Yourself

When you are walking down the aisle there isn’t really much your groom gets to say to you in that moment. And you don’t really get to say much to him. This moment only happens once in a lifetime and you deserve to be able to express yourself and be yourself in the moment. I feel like there are million different thoughts going on and it is seriously awesome to get to hear them right then and there when it all fresh in the moment. When having a first look at a wedding, you get to hear it all.

More Time Together

If you’re following tradition and not seeing one another until the first look, this is a great way to spend time together on your wedding day. There’s nothing more nerve-racking than not being able to see your forever person until your committing your life to one another. Having a first look allows you both to recenter, focus on your love and the reason you’re in a white dress! After the first look, it also gives us time for bridal portraits that would normally take place after the ceremony, and away from the party. This breaks up pictures, and gives you time to enjoy the reception later on.

No More Nerves

I’m not sure what it is, but once you’ve seen your person for the first time on your wedding day, everything else melts away. If you’re one that gets nervous but are wanting to avoid a first look at a wedding, consider a first touch, or a first prayer. These are options that allow for contact without seeing one another before walking down the aisle. We can separate you between a door, and give you that moment of peace before the ceremony. Nevertheless you won’t regret being able to share those few moments of stillness together.

Whether you plan to have a private first look, or stick with tradition. Your Charlotte wedding will be filled with love and precious moments to remember for a lifetime. You deserve to have the wedding you’ve dreamt of, let’s make it happen together.

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Charlotte wedding photographer captures first look at a wedding between bride and groom before walking down the aisle.
Charlotte wedding photographer captures bride and groom seeing one another for first time on wedding day in wedding attire.
Charlotte wedding photographer captures bride hugging family member during emotional first look at a wedding.
Charlotte wedding photographer captures bride's family before they see bride for first time in wedding dress on wedding day.

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