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May 2, 2021

Brittany and Pat’s engagement session on the beach at Fort Fisher. Let’s call it a Wedding Photographer’s dream.

I have known this bride for a long time! I mean we literally grew up together. Her mom (who is now a good friend of mine) use to babysit my sister and I. We all spent a lot of time together. As kids, one of our favorite things was swimming in Brittany’s pool. It is truly mind-blowing to be photographing her wedding this Fall. I am very excited to be celebrating Brittany and Pat’s love with them.

Due to the weather forecast, we chose to do a sunrise session on the beach. It was bright and early. So while we may have had to get up super early, we ended up having the beach basically to ourselves. I believe we made the right choice. Apparently these two are morning people, and if they aren’t I couldn’t tell. Brittany and Pat both looked great and wide awake. I on the other hand may have looked like a zombie.

You can’t tell from the pictures, but we were battling sand gnats basically the entire time. Although, those little critters definitely liked Pat the best. They were coming after him much more aggressively than they were coming for me or Brittany. I learned something neat that morning… the gnats prefer sunrise and sunset so you could say they would be a photographers constant battle at Fort Fisher. They know the best times, just like we do. Oh and fun fact, the gnats in Fort Fisher bite. I am going to give Pat the “best sport” award because aside from the occasional grunt due to the gnats torturing him, he was a trooper and rocked this engagement session.

But enough about the gnats…

As I was talking to these two during their session, I realized something kind of unexpected. I have always thought that people that live near the beach must go to the beach all of the time, but Brittany and Pat live like fifteen minutes away and are hardly ever there. Pat said Brittany goes more than he does because she loves sunrise on the beach. How fitting is it that we got to get her to the beach for sunrise to take their pictures.

Enjoy a few of these two lovely people’s Fort Fisher engagement photos below.

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0067.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0069.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0071.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0072.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0074.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0076.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0075.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0079.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0077.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0068.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0070.jpg

wilmington nc wedding photographer_0078.jpg

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