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October 18, 2018

Many women avoid boudoir, or any session of just themselves.

Well, because we all deserve to feel confident and look beautiful, I am going to give you all the reasons you need to argue your self into taking the leap.


– Boudoir sessions build CONFIDENCE!


– You could give it as a GIFT to the wonderful man in your life.

(Hint: Even when they say they don’t want you to do it, they do. Good men love seeing their women all dolled up and feeling good about herself!)


– We ain’t getting any younger. I know, I went there, but it’s true.

In no time at all the you that you are now may no longer exist. AND as women, we need to remember that just like our families, kids, and events, we are also worthy of documenting memories of.



– It is a lot of FUN. You may feel a little exposed at first, but it will quickly turn to excitement and empowerment. ?


This Sexy Sweater Session took place at an overlook in the Mountains. Ladies if you are thinking of doing outdoor boudoir, don’t let fear stop you.

Yes at times, you will feel exposed, but isn’t that the point? To get out of your comfort zone, and show off your sexiness.




Love this session?! Check out another outdoor boudoir shoot HERE.

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