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February 7, 2022

DSC_0930-1.jpgThis past weekend we had to make a trip to WV.

Our dream home is there. The home that we love so much and that has everything we want, with the exception of one crucial thing. Our loved ones, the people we love spending time with, lived so far away from us. We were not able to spend near enough time with them living in WV. So we decided we would move back to North Carolina to be closer to the people who bring joy and friendship into our lives.

Now it is time to list the home that we built up there. The one with the vaulted ceilings and sitting porches. The house with so many closets. The foreclosure property that we bought and remodeled from the floor up.

This trip was bittersweet, and I consider it a treasure to have had the chance to create these memories.

Here’s to the view from that front yard, but also to being back in my NC hometown.


The difference between a house and a home. A house is filled with stuff. A home is filled with love. DSC_0919-1.jpg

Grayson definitely has a favorite. He is a daddy’s boy all the way!DSC_0903-1.jpg

Eli is a cuddle baby who loves being on momma, but gives the biggest smile when daddy comes home from work.

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