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March 27, 2018

Last year, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a couple other photographers, which I take as a high compliment. The fact that fellow photographers trust me to capture their precious moments makes me feel so wonderfully blessed. 🙂hickory-charlotte-ashville-nc-senior-portrait-boudoir-engagement-couples-wedding-photographer-photography_0004.jpg
hickory-charlotte-ashville-nc-senior-portrait-boudoir-engagement-couples-wedding-photographer-photography_0002.jpgThis is Deidra (a fellow photographer ?) and Chris! I photographed them back in the Fall over at Murray’s Mill, which is a wonderful place for photos. Anytime I shoot anywhere I try to use different spots at the location to show off the beauty and lighting available. That is the beauty of outdoor photos. There is so much nature to play with!!!
hickory-charlotte-ashville-nc-senior-portrait-boudoir-engagement-couples-wedding-photographer-photography_0001.jpgJust look at that lighting! ?
hickory-charlotte-ashville-nc-senior-portrait-boudoir-engagement-couples-wedding-photographer-photography_0011.jpgSo as we took these images, there were literally other photographers right there near us shooting different directions. It’s funny that we were even crossing paths as we shot. I love that as creatives we create our own art.
hickory-charlotte-ashville-nc-senior-portrait-boudoir-engagement-couples-wedding-photographer-photography_0012.jpgAnd it makes creating beautiful images so easy when your subjects are so playful and sweet.
hickory-charlotte-ashville-nc-senior-portrait-boudoir-engagement-couples-wedding-photographer-photography_0015.jpgJust look at that laughter! I can’t even… they are too much. ?
hickory-charlotte-ashville-nc-senior-portrait-boudoir-engagement-couples-wedding-photographer-photography_0016.jpgFingers crossed I get to photograph these two again. ?

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