3 Tips to getting the Best Detail Images on Your Wedding Day

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May 28, 2023

3 Tips to Getting the Best Detail Images on your wedding day

Follow the 3 tips to getting the best detail images on your wedding day if you wish to walk away with these lovely keepsakes.

  1. Schedule 45 minutes to 1 hour on the timeline to capture these images. Capturing these types of images takes time! There is a lot going on during detail image time with designing, redesigning, photographing, and clean up.
  2. Collect all your items and have them ready to go. This saves time so that I can get right to work on your detail images. No rushing here. Photographing detail images is a tedious process but so worth it. Just check out the images below.
  3.  List of Items to collect! Having these items ready will save time and allow me to be the most creative with your detail images.
    • Dress & Veil (I like to start by photographing your dress.)
    • All rings
    • Ring boxes
    • Ribbon (If you have it. Don’t stress about it if you don’t have it. I carry an assortment of ribbon with me to your wedding!)
    • 2 Complete Invitation Suites – This is especially important if stationary is double sided, because I need 2 copies to photograph the big picture.
    • Other stationary such as program cards, vows, etc.
    • Your bouquet
    • Loose Floral for accent while designing
    • All Jewelry – Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.
    • Hairpieces
    • Heirloom items that you have borrowed or were given for the wedding day!
    • Your Shoes


wedding day detail images.jpg

As you look through these images, you will notice that the details are rearranged frequently to get different looks and complete the set!
content - timeline - details tip-4.jpg

Ring shots are my favorite detail images to capture. These will always matter in your marriage. They represent your vows to one another.
wedding day detail images.jpg
content - timeline - details tip-6.jpg

It’s amazing how all of the wedding details come together to tell a story. If capturing these images is important to you, be sure to follow the 3 tips to getting the best detail images on your wedding day!
wedding day detail images.jpg

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