At JMP, we love couples who take an active role in their day. Couples who have big plans, and will take bold steps in those plans, to bring their dream wedding to life.
The marriage over the wedding! We adore couples who are romantic and playful. The couples so in love that they are radiant in it. The ways they look at each other and interact. Every step they take tells their love story.

The love of your life is by your side. Soon, you two lovebirds will share in an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Memories we carry with us, photos bring them to the surface. We want you to search out the photographer that is right for you, and that may be us if you love stunning images, real moments, and planning the details and decorations of the big day just so.


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Every wedding vendor plays an important role on the wedding day and leading up to it, but not many have the pleasure of playing part afterwards. With 12+ years experience, Jamie is a wedding photographer who every bride is happy they picked for their big day. The memories of that day are held in the photos. As time moves on, the photos always stand as a testament to the day that two lovers made the promise of a lifetime. 

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